It’s time for another epic Pub Quiz!


It’s cold and rainy outside, but we’re looking to create the opposite with our next pub quiz! After last quiz´ success we will have another two PhDs who will give a short presentation about their work followed by a round of science questions about the topic. They are; Vera Schölmerich and Devika Narain. They will talk about their research and we will ask you questions, to see if you still remember specifics after a couple of beers. “Beers?” you might ask? That’s right! We will pay for your beers (or at least the first couple of rounds).

Obviously, that’s not all; the quiz won’t consist of just two rounds, so be sure to sign up and find out what kind of crazy topics we think you should know about…

If you are interested in drinking beer beating last quiz’ champions, the internal medicine department, you should create a team, consisting of 4-8 members and send an email to to enroll.

So broaden your knowledge about the science at our university, show-off your creative talent in the answers and go home satisfied with a beer filled belly!

What: Pub quiz & Science cafe

When: Thursday November 28th, 18:00 (doors open at 17:30)

Where: Tuinzaal @ VU Campus

Enrol your team by email:



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