Professional PhD Program (PPP)

The Professional PhD Program (PPP) is an initiative of the PhD Candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN).

PPP provides PhD candidates the opportunity the opportunity to work outside academia the opportunity, for a company or a public organization.

The Professional PhD Program (PPP) aims to provide opportunities for PhD candidates to work on their transferable skills. Currently the PhD track fully focuses on an academic career, while around 80 per cent of the people who finish their PhD will continue their career outside universities. In addition to this, companies and public organizations can experience the added value of a PhD candidate. Furthermore, PPP can strengthen the collaboration between universities and non-academic organizations.

A PhD candidate who takes part in the PPP will continue to be employed by the university, but the university will detach the candidate to an organization for a number of months. This organization will refund the university half of the wage costs (gross wage and overhead). The PhD candidate will work on an intellectually challenging case brought forward by the organization. Selecting the candidate will be done by the organization. PNN facilitates the contacts, conducts acquisition for vacancies, and provides a general detachment contract, but is no party in the formal detachment contract. PhD candidates can apply for posts using this website: It can differ per vacancy whether speaking Dutch is a prerequisite.

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