Special attention for ‘buiten promovendi’: participate in this national PhD survey!

The Rathenau Institute in collaboration with the Dutch PhD Network (PNN) study the quality of PhD trajectories and the labor market orientation of PhD candidates in the Netherlands. Click here to go to the questionnaire.

There are numerous reasons to participate: Of course there is a constant interest for effective and efficient trajectories with optimum quality. Your judgment on your own trajectory enlarges the insight into the effectiveness of the PhD system in the Netherlands. Furthermore, worries exist about the labor market opportunities of PhD candidates in the Netherlands, but little is actually known about this topic. By responding to this questionnaire, you can help us judge whether these worries are justified and, if necessary, what actions can be taken to improve the labor market opportunities of PhD candidates in the Netherlands. We are asking all PhD candidates in the Netherlands to participate in this questionnaire. All answers to the questionnaire will be handled in a confidential matter, and results will only be presented on an aggregate level.

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