Christmas drinks & best wishes

Hi everyone!

With Sinterklaas still coming up tomorrow, we’re (as Dutch tradition dictates) already too late to start with Christmas decorations and celebrations. Therefor: Happy holidays from the entire ProVU team (board, OR, iProVU and all active members) to you!

To celebrate another year full of Nobel discoveries and Encyclopedia Brittanica-sized thesis’ ProVU is organizing Christmas drinks at PubMed, (located in the medical faculty building, ground floor, just past the stairs) on December 18th this year! We invite you to come, first 100 drinks are free. Also; if you wear a Christmas style outfit, and are chosen by the board to be the ‘best looking’ you’ll get all your drinks for free regardless! It’ll be interesting to see what you can come up with 😉

See you on the 18th!!!

christmas 2014

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