PhD Climbing Event – March 15th 2014

Everyone loves sports! Well, at least watching sports on their big tv’s and counting the number of gold medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics… At March 15th, ProVU organizes its very own social sports event. We’re going to go indoor climbing in Haarlem, near Spaarne, just a 10 minute walk from the Haarlem trainstation! We, the ProVU board, went climbing recently and we’re convinced you guys can do a much better job than we did…

The final program is not definitive; but the evening will start with dinner at around 17:00 (during which you will be instructed in safety regulations) and afterwards you’re free to roam the walls. Music, social interaction with fellow PhD’s and drinks afterwards (sorry, no alcohol during climbing allowed, other drinks are just fine).

We’re asking for a small contribution to costs, as rental of all the equipment is quite expensive. € 15 each, this includes entrance, rental, dinner, unlimited drinks.

Also; we’re kindly requesting you fill out this form, so we know who is going to be there! If a lot of people (or teams) join in, we might even add a competitive element….

Fill out the form!

5 thoughts on “PhD Climbing Event – March 15th 2014

  1. Hello dear proVU, this seem to be a nice event!
    What if, we already have our equipment? Can we skip paying for the rental then? Or, as I can believe, the cost are spread over the group and there is no distinction to be made?
    When I get an answer I would spread the word to my fellow climbing PhDs.

  2. Hi Heloise,

    Great questions; equipment you should have should be an ATC or ‘8’ or grigri, belt and shoes. ProVU covers entrance fee / introduction course, the contribution is basically for dinner and drinks. Therefore, if you join us, it will save us some money 😉 Please spread the word towards other PhDs! 🙂

    Best, Sebastiaan

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