PhD Day and ProVUnd grant award 2014

On the 25th of June, at the end of a wonderful and well visited PhD day, many people came to vote for the finalists in the final of the ProVUnd grant event.

It was definitely a brilliant session of talks from the 3 finalists!!

It was inspiring for everyone to hear their talks, all focused on hot topics; financial crisis, culturing human brain tissues for neurophysiology studies and prediction models for improving care of type 2 diabetes patients.

Also, from the inquires of our committee of Professors and experts, we learnt a lot about the final assessment process of grant application, which ultimately relies on a successful presentation and discussion with
the reviewers committee.

After a voting system based on 5 independent votes from the 5 reviewers, and a vote from the audience, the ProVUnd grant was finally assigned to :

Simone Rauh, EMGO institute, VUmc


i-ProVU and the ProVUnd committee would like to thank:

  • Prof. JHGM van Beek, Clinical Genetics, CNCR
  • Prof. J.P. Cornelissen, Economics and Business Administration
  • Prof. J.M. Dekker, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, EMGO, VUmc
  • Prof. R. van Grondelle, Biophysics, Sciences
  • Dr N. Wagstaff, Technology Transfer Office VU & VUmc
  • All the ProVUnd reviewers who read and assessed the applications
  • And finally, all the applicants that worked very hard to show us that this initiative is awesome!

See you next year for the ProVUnd 2015!!!

PhD Day 2014

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