Presenting the three finalists for the ProVUnd grant!

The ProVUnd grant committee is proud to announce that it has selected the 3 finalists based on the assessment of our reviewers.

We have to remark that we really appreciated all the proposals, many were extremely good, and we invite all of you to submit a proposal for ProVUnd 2015!

The finalists for ProVUnd 2014 are:

Tim Kroon

Simone Rauh

Maria Enev


Next week we will send all the assessment forms from our reviewers to all participants.

The 3 finalists will have to prepare a 10-minutes talk about the project presented in the proposal, to be given at the PhD day (25th of June) where a committee of professors and the public will finally select the winner.

Register for the PhD day and check out the final session of this great event! 🙂

With all of our best wishes,

The ProVUnd Grant Team

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