ProVUnd, The Grant


the grant

only for the best ideas,

only for the PhD candidates at the VU


A grant of more than 1000 euro to be spent on your PhD research project.


Submit a short grant-­‐proposal (4 A4 pages) where you specify the main goal of your PhD project and how the ProVUnd grant could help you reach any aims of your project (also for traveling to an important international conference)

(Submit to

The 3 best proposals will be selected to give an official 15 minute talk at the end of the PhD day. An official committee of professors from the VU will select the PhD student to whom the grant will be assigned.


Any PhD working at the VU can apply for the grant. Grant proposals will be reviewed by a secret committee of voluntary PhDs and Postdocs working at the VU.


The ProVUnd grant-­proposal submission deadline is 25-04‐2014. PhD day will be held in June 2014 (TBA). For more information and complete rules click here

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