April 9th: Workshop – Tips & Tricks regarding your thesis (boekje)

This workshop is for all PhDs, but especially those who are in their final phases of thesis design. Ruben Baartman from Gildeprint, in collaboration with ProVU, has generously offered to host a workshop to teach us how the process of thesis design takes place. Some information will be provided on the production methods of a thesis, how to set up the lay-out of the cover and inside of the thesis, how printing companies would like to receive all the files and what time frame you should take into consideration for the entire process. Ruben will provide food for everyone who registers for this workshop, so please don’t forget to sign up at his mail address: r.baartman@gildeprint.nl.

You can find all relevant information in the attached poster and printed posters soon located throughout the VU(mc)/ACTA buildings.

VU 9-4-15

2 thoughts on “April 9th: Workshop – Tips & Tricks regarding your thesis (boekje)

  1. This seems really useful. Will this information be available somewhere on the ProVU site for those who cannot attend the workshop? Thanks!

    1. We don’t know yet, as it is not sure if Ruben will use digital media for his workshop. So for now it’s best just to register and attend!

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