BREAKING – Article 15 has passed legislation

The much discussed article 15, regarding the 30 ECTS has passed legislation in the latest OR VU meeting. All PhDs have until April 1st 2015 to fill out and hand in their form 1. Otherwise the new PhD rules apply. The only exception is when you are unable to do this before April 1st, then the old rules apply to your PhD trajectory by default.

Faculties are responsible for the availability of enough courses and that time and money are available for all PhDs. One of these courses must be the Scientific Integrity course.

Also; you can get exemptions for (part of) the 30 ECTS!

There will be an evaluation in spring 2016 to determine any issues and to determine efficacy of article 15.

So again, please make sure you fill out your form 1 before April 1st 2015

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