PhD Day 2015

We’re currently looking for 3 – 4 people who want to help organize our next annual PhD Day. This yearly event is widely appreciated and organizing it provides a nice CV booster. Creating an event on this scale is not some easy feat though! A lot of stuff needs to be done every year to make sure this day is a huge success.

If you want to help organize this day and are not afraid to:

  • Get a lot of work done in a relatively short amount of time
  • Contact companies / printers / etc. for sponsoring
  • Speak/write in English (Dutch is a pre)
  • Keep in close contact with the ProVU board regarding finances and your schedule / proposals
  • Help organize your own awesome idea regarding the theme or a specific workshop

Then contact us at and be part of our team. Whether this is permanent, or just as part of a PhD Day committee is up to you.

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