Seminar “How to publish a world-class paper. Everything you always wanted to know about scientific publishing.”

Date: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 13.00-17.00 pm

Publishing an article can be quite a challenge. Determining your audience,
choosing a journal and dealing with reviewers, editors and publishers are important
skills you need to acquire in your academic career.
The University Library is offering you some help on how to prepare yourself and
how to write a quality scientific manuscript by organizing a seminar on these topics.
During the seminar, a number of experienced scientists and a publisher will share
their insight and experience of the publishing process and respond to the questions
that you may encounter as a beginning author.


Preliminary program*
Opening by the Dean of the Vrije Universiteit, Prof. Dr. Vinod Subramanian
Josje Calff, director UB VU: Introduction

Dr. Andrea Hoogenkamp-O’Brien, publisher EBioMedicine, Elsevier. She will
speak on the publication process as seen from the publisher’s perspective.

Tilo Hartmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor Faculty of Social Sciences VU. Tilo
Hartmann has published in major scientific journals and in several books. He is a
member of the editorial boards of acknowledged journals. His presentation will
focus on the author’s perspective.

Prof. dr. Willem van Mechelen, director of the department of Public and
Occupational health en co-director EMGO+, VUmc. Professor van Mechelen’s
presentation will give an overview of his broad experience with scientific publication
process as an editor, reviewer and as an promotor of Ph.D. students.

Wouter Gerritsma, head of department of Digital Services & Innovation
UBVU. He is an expert on Open Access, publication impact and strategy. His
presentation is titled “Publishing for Impact.”

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