FEW-FALW faculty council

As you know our Beta faculties are merging into one FEW-FALW faculty. Next year the elections for the employee council (Ondernemingsraad) as well as the faculty council (onderdeelcommissie) will be held and the goal is to have one new faculty council for FEW-FALW. I have been a member of the faculty council FEW for the last couple of years especially involved in matters of research and education with consequences for PhD’s and Postdocs. For the next term the goal is to have one PhD and one Postdoc in the new council. Preferentially for multiple years, but the council is relatively flexible for members with a temporary contract. Therefore I would like to ask you if you know any PhD’s or Postdocs that are interested in policy and want to join the faculty council? If interested please send me an email at t.e.vanden.berg@vu.nl. I will be happy to answer any questions.

T.E. van den Berg

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