ProVU is looking for candidates for the Works Council elections!

Once every two years there are Works Council (OR) elections at the VU. The next election will take place in 2017!
 ProVU is an organisation representing young academics at the VU. In the current term of the Works Council, ProVU has 7 seats (out of 23). We are now looking for candidates for the election of March 2017!
What does ProVU do in the OR: In the Works Council, ProVU has not only defended the employee status of PhD candidates (rather than having PhDs become students with scholarships), but also prevented the application of Article 15 of the doctoral regulations for candidates who started before April 2015 (so they are not required to obtain 30 ECTS). We are still working on the evaluation of the doctoral regulations and we want to ensure there is a clear overview of courses which qualify for the 30 ECTS. In the coming term, subjects such as internationalisation, democratisation and the creation of career opportunities for young academics will play an important role.

What does the OR offer: the ability to have a say in the VU about the current organisation and plans for the future. You also get training to carry out your OR work properly.
Do you want to promote the interests of your fellow doctoral students, young researchers and teachers? Sign up now with ProVU! We are looking for motivated people who are able to invest one day a week in the OR (for this you will be compensated by contract extension or in extra hours per week). We seek candidates who can hold office for at least one year in the OR. Knowledge of the Dutch language is desirable to read policy documents, but because ProVU strives for a balanced representation of young researchers at the university, we encourage everyone to sign up.

Do you want to know more about the OR or do you want to apply as candidate for the OR? Please contact Laura Henderson ( before December 15th.

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