After your PhD

Once you have graduated there are many different paths you can follow. It is advisable to have some idea of which path is best for you well in advance of your graduation. The Career Counselling Centre of the VU can help with career orientation. You can also visit the Personnel Department (P&O) of your own faculty.


Career Orientation

Not every doctoral graduate knows what he or she will do after finishing his or her doctoral track. Often, various options are available for employment. The VU offers coaching for finding out which of these options is suitable for you, regardless of whether it is within the university or not.

The VU Career Centre

At the VU Career Centre a special program is available for PhDs. You can request a personality test in order to find out what your competence profile is. You can also take various courses, such as an individual Short Career Program, a Career Orientation course, or the course ‘Looking for a Job and Getting a Job’.

The Career Centre co-operates with the Information Centre for Study and Career. Here you can find information about the labour market, job vacancies, job interview techniques, and employment overseas.

Further Information?

The contacts at the Career Centre are: Eleonore Vos or Lidy Stassen. They are available at the following numbers and e-mail addresses:

Tel: 020 59 85419

Tel: 020 59 85406

> E-mail Eleonore Vos

> E-mail Lidy Stassen


Labour Market


Generally, most doctoral graduates want to continue their career in academia. The site ‘Academic Transfer’ offers information about working in academic research and education, but also offers information about working in supporting management functions for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

> To the academic transfer site

At the VU

At you will find an overview of the available employment opportunities at the VU University.

> Job vacancies (academic)


The government is another employer regularly looking for researchers, project leaders, or policy workers. These are positions you may be suitable for as a doctoral graduate. The government has set up its own website where you can find more information about working at various departments and different government bodies.



Within corporations you can work as a researcher, for instance, at a department for ‘Research and Development’, or you can work as a project leader. Via the links below you may access a number of popular job vacancy sites.





ProVU Survey about career centre

In 2008, ProVU hold a survey among PhDs about the Career Centre. The full report can be found below.

The results can be summarized as follows: Sixty percent of the PhDs do not know of the existence of the Career Centre of the VU. Despite the fact that about eighty percent of the PhDs never considered career counselling, they would prefer to receive it. Information on the following topics is especially desired: (1) future work possibilities plus perspectives after obtaining a PhD degree, and (2) self-development and how to establish a network outside of academia. Most PhDs agree to the proposition that they would like to follow courses offered by the Career Centre. However, they do not want to pay for it themselves and sixty percent of the PhDs do not have or do not know whether they are allowed to finance enrollment in a Career Centre course with their budget. The main findings plus recommendations have been communicated to the Career Centre.

>Report ProVU Survey Career Centre