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Change date: New Year’s Drinks on the 18th February

beer2Please take care, the date of our New Year’s Drinks has been changed, it will now take place the 18th February at De (Tegen)Stelling, W&N D-103, starting from 6PM.

For this reason, we are considering changing the name into << Leap Year Drinks >>, what do you think?

You are all welcome to join for a chat, for a beer, or both!
ProVU is happy to start this new year offering you a nice evening together.

Pub Crawl in De Pijp

beer2Friday, November 6th
A new semester began and with it came new PhDs and PostDocs on board. It’s time to integrate the newcomers with the old crew and it’s best to do with a beer in hand ūüėČ This time we are going to explore the pubs in the multicultural district of De Pijp.
Prepare yourself for the night of beer and geselligkeit!

Time: 8:00 pm
Place: in the middle of Marie Heinekenplein

Look for the orange hat!

 Check out our facebook page!

PhD Day 2015

We’re currently looking for 3 – 4 people who want to help organize our next annual PhD Day. This yearly event is widely appreciated and organizing it provides a nice CV booster. Creating an event on this scale is not some easy feat though!¬†A lot of stuff needs to be done every year to make sure this day is a huge success.

If you want to help organize this day and are not afraid to:

  • Get a lot of¬†work done in a relatively short amount of time
  • Contact companies / printers / etc. for sponsoring
  • Speak/write in English (Dutch is a pre)
  • Keep in close contact with the ProVU board regarding finances and your schedule / proposals
  • Help organize your own awesome idea regarding the theme or a specific workshop

Then contact us at and be part of our team. Whether this is permanent, or just as part of a PhD Day committee is up to you.


Read the findings of this meeting here:


Report PhD Candidates on Science 2.0 – May 1 2015



In het debat over de staat van het Nederlandse onderwijs en onderzoek wordt de grootste groep wetenschappers, de promovendi, nauwelijks gehoord. Wat vinden zij van de kwaliteit van hun promotieopleidingen, publicatiedruk, academisch carrièreperspectief en funding? Daarom krijgen zij het podium op deze middag.

Tijdens de bijeenkomst gaan promovendi, en degenen die beroepshalve met promovendi te maken hebben, met elkaar in discussie over de meestal prangende kwesties. Ook vertellen hoogleraren over hun ervaringen als promovendus, en de dagelijkse praktijk van het begeleiden van promovendi.

Datum: 1 mei 2015 van 15:45 tot 17:00 uur

Locatie: KNAW, Het Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam
Contact: Floor Kuiper
Telefoonnummer 020 551 0752

Meld je aan via het aanmeldformulier

Design your thesis workshop

The workshop was a great success and even though the location was changed last minute more people showed up than registered in advance. All people who joined the workshop will receive additional information as a link or file in your mail shortly. Also, something we forgot to mention: while printing a thesis might sound very expensive, don’t forget that you can deduct a lot of your expenses in your annual income statement at the Belastingdienst / tax offices.¬†Thank you Ruben for presenting and congratulations to the winner of the prize! ¬†We hope to see everyone in one of our next workshops!


i-ProVU – Bike trip to the tulips!

tulips2Want to get a grip on the Dutch culture? What better way to experience this culture than to ride a bike to the famous tulip fields with other international PhDs? Join i-ProVU on a bike trip to rainbow coloured fields near Keukenhof on April 11th!

No registration is needed, we meet at 10 am at the beach volleyball field behind the Basket on the VU campus. It’s a 30 km trip (60 in total, but you can return by train as well), so be prepared for a whole day of cycling. Oh and, you obviously need to bring your own bike!¬†And don’t forget to bring lunch, you’ll need that calorie intake. A backup plan will be communicated with you should (traditional Dutch) bad weather arise.

Debate on the future of the VU

Today (17:30-19:30) there will be a debate with the University Board and all employees and students. The debate will take place in the Auditorium of the main building. I really do hope you all will consider coming!

This debate will be an important moment in letting the board know that we at the VU also share many of the concerns that are currently being debated nationwide. The profit-focused mentality of universities, the top-down decision making, limits on academic freedom (see this great article for more on that) and the lack of job security are all things that will be discussed.

The language of the debate will be a mix of Dutch and English.

April 9th: Workshop – Tips & Tricks regarding your thesis (boekje)

This workshop is for all PhDs, but especially those who are in their final phases of thesis design. Ruben Baartman from Gildeprint, in collaboration with ProVU, has generously offered to host a workshop to teach us how the process of thesis design takes place. Some information will be provided on the production methods of a thesis, how to set up the lay-out of the cover and inside of the thesis, how printing companies would like to receive all the files and what time frame you should take into consideration for the entire process. Ruben will provide food for everyone who registers for this workshop, so please don’t forget to sign up at his mail address:

You can find all relevant information in the attached poster and printed posters soon located throughout the VU(mc)/ACTA buildings.

VU 9-4-15