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November 21st: National PhD Day 2014 & PhD Supervisor Award

You are all cordially invited to join the National PhD Day on November 21st!
This will be an afternoon full of fun workshops for PhD’s from all research areas, including an information market, public discussion with the Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker, and drinks afterwards. Register now at:

See you there!

PhD candidate Network of the Netherlands (PNN)

Date: November 21st
Time: 13:30 – 19:00
Location: Campus The Hague (belonging to University of Leiden), next to The Hague Central Station.

On this day the PhD supervisor award will also be handed over to the winning couple

The PhD Candidate Network of the Netherlands (PNN) established this award to recognize exemplary faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in PhD candidate supervision.
The recipient will be honored with a Certificate of PhD Supervision Excellence and an iPad!
PhD candidate supervision requires complex interaction between candidates and the graduate supervisor. An outstanding PhD supervisor is a mentor, an advisor, a role model and a strategist. A caring and effective supervisor possesses a high level of energy and ingenuity.

More info about the award can be found in this pdf and with this form you can nominate your supervisor

PhD Day and ProVUnd grant award 2014

On the 25th of June, at the end of a wonderful and well visited PhD day, many people came to vote for the finalists in the final of the ProVUnd grant event.

It was definitely a brilliant session of talks from the 3 finalists!!

It was inspiring for everyone to hear their talks, all focused on hot topics; financial crisis, culturing human brain tissues for neurophysiology studies and prediction models for improving care of type 2 diabetes patients.

Also, from the inquires of our committee of Professors and experts, we learnt a lot about the final assessment process of grant application, which ultimately relies on a successful presentation and discussion with
the reviewers committee.

After a voting system based on 5 independent votes from the 5 reviewers, and a vote from the audience, the ProVUnd grant was finally assigned to :

Simone Rauh, EMGO institute, VUmc


i-ProVU and the ProVUnd committee would like to thank:

  • Prof. JHGM van Beek, Clinical Genetics, CNCR
  • Prof. J.P. Cornelissen, Economics and Business Administration
  • Prof. J.M. Dekker, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, EMGO, VUmc
  • Prof. R. van Grondelle, Biophysics, Sciences
  • Dr N. Wagstaff, Technology Transfer Office VU & VUmc
  • All the ProVUnd reviewers who read and assessed the applications
  • And finally, all the applicants that worked very hard to show us that this initiative is awesome!

See you next year for the ProVUnd 2015!!!

PhD Day 2014

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PhD Day June 25th – Registrations are open!

We are proud to invite all PhD students to the PhD Day 2014 at June 25th! This year, the ProVU PhD Day will be centred on the theme: “Science, connecting people”. Communicating your scientific work to people within and outside academia is becoming more and more important. New technologies give scientist the possibility to share their research with the general public as well as with companies. Thus, connections within academia and between academia and private companies are essential, in other words, networks are inevitable for PhD students. However, how to build and maintain a solid network? At our event, we will organize workshops that contribute to strengthen your network. This includes workshops on how to present yourself, your work or CV to different audiences; or how to participate and get noticed on a conference. How do we know that these workshops will benefit you? Because we are a committee of four PhD students, all in different phases of writing our theses and from very different disciplines, from the social sciences to theoretical physics! Take a look at our program and register!

For questions and other issues, please contact us:

Register for the PhD Day 2014

For a description of all the workshops click here

Register for the exclusive lunches

For a description of all the exclusive lunches click here

After the succes of the 2012 edition (‘Globalize your research’) it’s time to organize another PhD Day! Would you like to be part of the ProVU PhD Day committee and help organize a day full of workshops, discussions and drinks for more than 200 PhD candidates?
First committee meeting is on April 4th (this Friday)!
For details:

PhD Day 2014 – We need you!

ProVU’s annual PhD day is set for spring 2014. You can organize this exciting and biggest event of ProVU with the ongoing support of international i-ProVU members and the board! As last year’s theme “Globalize your research”  was a big success we challenge you to get inspired and come up with an even better one next year! Interested? Send an email and we will contact you!