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Change date: New Year’s Drinks on the 18th February

beer2Please take care, the date of our New Year’s Drinks has been changed, it will now take place the 18th February at De (Tegen)Stelling, W&N D-103, starting from 6PM.

For this reason, we are considering changing the name into << Leap Year Drinks >>, what do you think?

You are all welcome to join for a chat, for a beer, or both!
ProVU is happy to start this new year offering you a nice evening together.

Democratisation VU starting its work!


On Thursday, January 14th, the committee Democratisation VU of the Works Council and the University Student Council will start its work! The kick-off will take place with three themed meetings and, directly following, a so-called FORUM discussion. The entire VU community is encouraged to come and let their voice be heard!


  • 11:00 Democratisation and decentralisation of decision-making processes (room J173 in the building of the Medical Faculty)
  • 13:00 Democratisation of appointments of university officials (room J173 in the building of the Medical Faculty)
  • 15:00 Financial autonomy of the university (Atrium of the building of the Medical Faculty)
  • 17:00 FORUM: Benoeming of verkiezing? (Appoint or elect?) (Atrium of the building of the Medical Faculty)
  • Sign up for the whole day – or a part of it – by emailing to and see attachments for more information!


    De commissie Democratisering VU van de Ondernemingsraad en Universitaire Studentenraad gaat vanaf 14 januari aan de slag. Met een drietal themabijeenkomsten en aansluitend een zogenoemde FORUM-discussie bijt de commissie het spits af. De hele VU-gemeenschap wordt nadrukkelijk uitgenodigd deel te nemen.


  • 11:00 Democratisering en decentralisering van besluitvormingsprocessen (zaal J173 van de Medische Faculteit)
  • 13:00 Democratisering van benoemingen functionarissen (zaal J173 van de Medische Faculteit)
  • 15:00 Financiële autonomie van de universiteit (Atrium van de Medische Faculteit)
  • 17:00 FORUM: Benoeming of verkiezing? (Atrium van de Medische Faculteit)
  • Je kunt je aanmelden voor de hele dag – of een deel daarvan – door te mailen naar In de bijlages kunnen jullie nog meer informatie over de commissie en het FORUM vinden.

    Ik hoop velen van jullie op de 14e te zien!

    PhD Day 2015

    We’re currently looking for 3 – 4 people who want to help organize our next annual PhD Day. This yearly event is widely appreciated and organizing it provides a nice CV booster. Creating an event on this scale is not some easy feat though! A lot of stuff needs to be done every year to make sure this day is a huge success.

    If you want to help organize this day and are not afraid to:

    • Get a lot of work done in a relatively short amount of time
    • Contact companies / printers / etc. for sponsoring
    • Speak/write in English (Dutch is a pre)
    • Keep in close contact with the ProVU board regarding finances and your schedule / proposals
    • Help organize your own awesome idea regarding the theme or a specific workshop

    Then contact us at and be part of our team. Whether this is permanent, or just as part of a PhD Day committee is up to you.

    Design your thesis workshop

    The workshop was a great success and even though the location was changed last minute more people showed up than registered in advance. All people who joined the workshop will receive additional information as a link or file in your mail shortly. Also, something we forgot to mention: while printing a thesis might sound very expensive, don’t forget that you can deduct a lot of your expenses in your annual income statement at the Belastingdienst / tax offices. Thank you Ruben for presenting and congratulations to the winner of the prize!  We hope to see everyone in one of our next workshops!


    PubQuiz – Carnival Edition

    Farmers, Civilians and other people!

    It’s time for Yet Another Epic Pubquiz! Obviously someone from the VU has to win this time, as the internal medicine team from VUmc has won (barely) during the previous Pubquiz. Everyone; fill out the registration form and join us on February 19th  ~17:30 at Gyrinus (D-103, VU WN building) for the next Epic Pubquiz, with a special round regarding Carnival….. Drinks and food is free, as always 🙂 (But we can’t take care of all diets and wishes so bring your own special (super)food if you need it.)

    Meet Jaap Winter

    Hi everyone!

    First post of the new year, so; happy 2015 with lots of high impact papers and a 700 page thesis!

    Our first upcoming event is an informal meeting with Jaap Winter, chair of the VU executive board. On Monday, January 19th, he wants to meet YOU (from 17:30 to 20:00 only 😛 )!

    If you want to meet him as well and discuss the VU-culture and the context in which we are all working, you needn’t look any further!

    The discussion will focus on what is effective and what isn’t (seen from an organisational perspective) and which cultural/behavioural aspects need to change and how can we make that happen? Your input is very much appreciated as you can change the VU future during these meetings.

    Space is limited – so please sign up by sending an email to before January 16th. We will strive for a group that is representative of all young researchers at the VU.

    Drinks and snacks will be provided for free as per ProVU tradition.


    Christmas drinks & best wishes

    Hi everyone!

    With Sinterklaas still coming up tomorrow, we’re (as Dutch tradition dictates) already too late to start with Christmas decorations and celebrations. Therefor: Happy holidays from the entire ProVU team (board, OR, iProVU and all active members) to you!

    To celebrate another year full of Nobel discoveries and Encyclopedia Brittanica-sized thesis’ ProVU is organizing Christmas drinks at PubMed, (located in the medical faculty building, ground floor, just past the stairs) on December 18th this year! We invite you to come, first 100 drinks are free. Also; if you wear a Christmas style outfit, and are chosen by the board to be the ‘best looking’ you’ll get all your drinks for free regardless! It’ll be interesting to see what you can come up with 😉

    See you on the 18th!!!

    christmas 2014

    Reminder – January 1st 2015: New Doctoral Regulations!

    From January 1st 2015 onwards, the VU/VUmc will have new Doctoral Regulations.

    Two important things are changed in these new regulations:

    1.  Everybody should have a Training and Guidance plan (Opleidings- en Begeleidingsplan)
    2.  Every PhD Candidate will be required to obtain 30 ECTS (=840 hours) of training (all faculties and research institutes will have their own interpretation)

    However: This latter rule does not have approval of the VU Works Council yet! This rule (Article 15 of the new Regulations) will be discussed in November and December in the Works Council.
    We will keep everyone updated!

    These new Doctoral Regulations do not apply for PhD Candidates who have submitted, or will submit, their Form 1 (to apply for your defense) before January 1st 2015. Only a few weeks remain!

    Please find Form 1 here.