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ProVU is looking for candidates for the Works Council elections!

Once every two years there are Works Council (OR) elections at the VU. The next election will take place in 2017!
 ProVU is an organisation representing young academics at the VU. In the current term of the Works Council, ProVU has 7 seats (out of 23). We are now looking for candidates for the election of March 2017!
What does ProVU do in the OR: In the Works Council, ProVU has not only defended the employee status of PhD candidates (rather than having PhDs become students with scholarships), but also prevented the application of Article 15 of the doctoral regulations for candidates who started before April 2015 (so they are not required to obtain 30 ECTS). We are still working on the evaluation of the doctoral regulations and we want to ensure there is a clear overview of courses which qualify for the 30 ECTS. In the coming term, subjects such as internationalisation, democratisation and the creation of career opportunities for young academics will play an important role.

What does the OR offer: the ability to have a say in the VU about the current organisation and plans for the future. You also get training to carry out your OR work properly.
Do you want to promote the interests of your fellow doctoral students, young researchers and teachers? Sign up now with ProVU! We are looking for motivated people who are able to invest one day a week in the OR (for this you will be compensated by contract extension or in extra hours per week). We seek candidates who can hold office for at least one year in the OR. Knowledge of the Dutch language is desirable to read policy documents, but because ProVU strives for a balanced representation of young researchers at the university, we encourage everyone to sign up.

Do you want to know more about the OR or do you want to apply as candidate for the OR? Please contact Laura Henderson ( before December 15th.

Organisatoren voor Science Exchange Day gezocht

Aan alle promovendi,
Heb jij ook deelgenomen aan de laatste Science Exchange Day (SED), op 30 september jl.?
De dag is weer heel positief beoordeeld en daarom is gelijk de volgende gepland: in 2017 zal de SED plaatsvinden op vrijdag 29 september, in de Amstelzaal van VUmc.
De SED maakt het mogelijk voor onderzoekers om gemakkelijk met elkaar in contact te komen. Bijvoorbeeld doordat alle deelnemers hun onderzoek met een poster presenteren.
Abstracts van het gepresenteerde onderzoek worden gebundeld in een (digitaal) boek. Bovendien wordt er een interessant programma samengesteld met sprekers en workshops.
Heeft jouw onderzoek betrekking op, of raakvlakken met de geneeskunde en vind jij het leuk om deze dag te organiseren? Meld je dan vóór 15 december aan via
Eén enthousiaste organisator heeft zich al aangemeld; we zoeken nóg vier promovendi!
Tijdsinvestering: in de aanloop naar de dag zal de organisatie ongeveer een uur per week in beslag nemen. In piektijden (bijvoorbeeld kort voor de dag) zal dat een halve tot een hele dag per week zijn.
Deze activiteit levert een (nader te bepalen) aantal studiepunten op.
Als je meer informatie wilt, neem dan gerust contact met mij op.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Ellen Dijkstra
Secretaris en teamleider Decanale Zaken
VUmc – afdeling Bestuurlijke en Juridische Zaken (BJZ)
T: 0625135468
Afwezig: woensdag

FEW-FALW faculty council

As you know our Beta faculties are merging into one FEW-FALW faculty. Next year the elections for the employee council (Ondernemingsraad) as well as the faculty council (onderdeelcommissie) will be held and the goal is to have one new faculty council for FEW-FALW. I have been a member of the faculty council FEW for the last couple of years especially involved in matters of research and education with consequences for PhD’s and Postdocs. For the next term the goal is to have one PhD and one Postdoc in the new council. Preferentially for multiple years, but the council is relatively flexible for members with a temporary contract. Therefore I would like to ask you if you know any PhD’s or Postdocs that are interested in policy and want to join the faculty council? If interested please send me an email at I will be happy to answer any questions.

T.E. van den Berg

Persbericht AAV’s & Promovendinetwerken

Als arts-assistent ben je volop werkzaam binnen de gezondheidszorg. Maar hoe zit het nu precies met de financiering van onze gezondheidszorg? En zit de organisatie van een ziekenhuis nou in elkaar? Stichting Medical Business helpt je op weg!

Op 21 april 2016 lanceren wij drie online courses op het gebied van financiën en leiderschap in de zorg. In elke course deelt een spreker met een toppositie in de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg in drie korte video’s zijn of haar kennis met jou. Bij de video’s vind je achtergrondinformatie om je verder in het onderwerp te verdiepen.

Naast Marco Varkevisser (opleidingsdirecteur instituut Beleid & Management Gezondheidszorg) hebben ook Wouter Bos (voorzitter Raad van Bestuur VUmc) en Wendela Hingst (directeur KNMG) zich verbonden aan deze eerste reeks. Met hen zullen de onderwerpen ‘Marktwerking in de zorg’, ‘De financiering van de gezondheidszorg’ en ‘Medisch leiderschap’ aan bod komen.

De courses zijn voor iedereen vrij toegankelijk en vormen het begin van een serie die in de toekomst met nieuwe onderwerpen zal worden uitgebreid.

Geïnteresseerd? Vanaf 21 april zijn de courses online beschikbaar via
Heb je suggesties voor een volgend onderwerp? Mail dan naar:

Last chance to sign up for ITEA 2016!

The registration for ITEA 2016 closes soon. And we would like to have you! Get your free ticket here now before they run out.

Coming to CASA400 on April 15th: more than 40 companies and public organizations looking for talented employees, interns and graduate researchers. Looking for you!  If you register before Monday, you get the opportunity to send in your CV and have a matchmaking talk with one of the companies!!

Sign up for the 2016 International Talent Event Amsterdam. Chat with global brand representatives about international internships in the Amsterdam Area. Jumpstart your international career. Come and meet Adidas, Blue Horseshoes, DHR International, Double Dutch, Dutchwork, Esomar, Expatica, Hotel Jansen, Huwaei, IDEXX Europe, ING, KYCNET, Murata Europe, NYCDA, NIKE, OCOM Global Services, Oracle, Owlin, Patagonia, Paymentwall, Revinate, TIP Trailer Services who will be recruiting international talent for their internships and graduate jobs. At the career café you can get career advice from career advisors, get a Linkedin photo taken or acquire information on the search year.

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New members of the O&O in the OR

Since September 2015 the committee on education and research (O&O) of the VUmc’s works council (OR) welcomed three new members. They will represent PhD students of the VUmc in a six weekly meeting with the work council  and members of the board. Their aim is to improve PhD education, regulation and communication. This includes updating and improving the VUmc information for PhD students online, advising on the proposed adjustments in the VU Doctoral Regulations (promotiereglement) and improving the information on available courses offered at the different research institutes of VUmc. The committee is dependent on your input, so please do not hesitate to contact one of the members if you’re signaling any PhD related problems.

Sophie Horrevorts, MD

PhD student Molecular Celbiology and Immunology

Nicole Polman, MD

PhD student Pathology/Gynaecology

Wieke Kremer, MD

PhD student Pathology/Gynaecology

Training PhD success and personal efficacy

For first-year PhD candidates at VU University Amsterdam, the department Human Resources organizes the training PhD success and personal efficacy. In this training, which will be given in English, you will learn to set your own goals, to develop a strategy for realizing them and to communicate about them with others. The training will give you the greatest returns when you have three months to one year experience.

The training consists of an intake interview and three modules of two days each and will take place within a period of approx. 6 weeks. The training covers the following:

  • Time and project management
  • Communicating convincingly with others
  • Presenting to different types of audiences

For participation, you will be credited 2 ects.

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ProVU is looking for new University Council representatives!

The Works Council/University Council (Ondernemingsraad) is an organ that actively participates in decision making within the university. The Council gives approval or advice on important financial, judicial, education, research, housing and other matters directly affecting the employees and our university as a whole. Following elections in spring 2014 ProVU obtained 7 seats in the Council. Because of members finishing their PhDs we are now looking for candidates to fill vacancies from January 2016 until April 2017.

What are the requirements?

– Dutch-speaking (you don’t have to be a native speaker or speak perfect Dutch, but do need to be able to have good written and oral communication skills),
– You are a PhD candidate, postdoc, lecturer or have affinity with these groups,
– Willing to spend 8 hours per week (you will be compensated in money or time),
– Willing to learn about our university: the structure, how decisions are made, what our vision is for the future, etc
– You enjoy discussing and debating about a wide variety of issues affecting all employees of the university.

How much time does it take?

You are paid for and expected to work 8 hours a week. If you have a contract for 4 days or less, you can choose to have a paid extra day. If you have a contract for 5 days/36+ hours, you will be compensated in time. In practical terms, this means that taking a seat in the Council is time-neutral. You will receive an extension of your contract depending on your Council term.

How often are the meetings?

Twice a month there is a meeting with the whole Council and/or Student Council and/or Executive Board of the University. The other weeks are committee meetings which are more flexible. Most of these meetings are on a fixed day: Wednesday. You can find the schedule on the website:

Do I have to be present during every meeting?

If you have a conference or teaching obligations it is okay to miss a meeting now and then. In principle we do expect full attendance.

How can I apply or ask for more information?

To apply send an e-mail to Laura at with a CV and short motivation. If you have any questions you can also e-mail Laura at the same address about your inquiry.

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Projects Medical Business

Interesseer jij je voor de financiële en/of organisatorische kant van de zorg? Zou jij jezelf willen ontwikkelen en ook echt een bijdrage willen leveren aan verbetering van de zorg? Medical Business Projects biedt je deze mogelijkheid en zoekt ambitieuze, jonge (bijna) dokters en bedrijfskundige high potentials! Meld je uiterlijk woensdag 18 november aan voor deze unieke ervaring!