Contact Persons

As an organization for PhD students, ProVU needs to be informed about the ideas, wishes and problems of PhD students from all faculties at the VU and VUmc. ProVU therefore occasionally organizes a so-called “Contact Person Consultation”. During these meetings, PhDs from all faculties discuss important issues, like graduate schools, scholarships, representation and supervision. If you would like to be a contactperson and join these meetings, send an email to

Please use these contacts only in case of questions/problems specific to the department/faculty. For general questions contact


Faculty Contact Person Email
Dentistry/ACTA Ilona Persoon
Economics and Business Administration Lisette Swart
Earth and Life Sciences
Human Movement Sciences Celine Timmermans
Law Tamara Last
Psychology and Education Lynne Wolbert
Sciences Tom van den Berg 
Social Sciences FSW Graduate Platform
VUmc/EMGO+ Kim Holtkamp
VUmc/ICar-VU Erik Valent
VUmc/MOVE Lizeth Sloot