ProVU is looking for new University Council representatives!

The Works Council/University Council (Ondernemingsraad) is an organ that actively participates in decision making within the university. The Council gives approval or advice on important financial, judicial, education, research, housing and other matters directly affecting the employees and our university as a whole. Following elections in spring 2014 ProVU obtained 7 seats in the Council. Because of members finishing their PhDs we are now looking for candidates to fill vacancies from January 2016 until April 2017.

What are the requirements?

– Dutch-speaking (you don’t have to be a native speaker or speak perfect Dutch, but do need to be able to have good written and oral communication skills),
– You are a PhD candidate, postdoc, lecturer or have affinity with these groups,
– Willing to spend 8 hours per week (you will be compensated in money or time),
– Willing to learn about our university: the structure, how decisions are made, what our vision is for the future, etc
– You enjoy discussing and debating about a wide variety of issues affecting all employees of the university.

How much time does it take?

You are paid for and expected to work 8 hours a week. If you have a contract for 4 days or less, you can choose to have a paid extra day. If you have a contract for 5 days/36+ hours, you will be compensated in time. In practical terms, this means that taking a seat in the Council is time-neutral. You will receive an extension of your contract depending on your Council term.

How often are the meetings?

Twice a month there is a meeting with the whole Council and/or Student Council and/or Executive Board of the University. The other weeks are committee meetings which are more flexible. Most of these meetings are on a fixed day: Wednesday. You can find the schedule on the website:

Do I have to be present during every meeting?

If you have a conference or teaching obligations it is okay to miss a meeting now and then. In principle we do expect full attendance.

How can I apply or ask for more information?

To apply send an e-mail to Laura at with a CV and short motivation. If you have any questions you can also e-mail Laura at the same address about your inquiry.

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Projects Medical Business

Interesseer jij je voor de financiële en/of organisatorische kant van de zorg? Zou jij jezelf willen ontwikkelen en ook echt een bijdrage willen leveren aan verbetering van de zorg? Medical Business Projects biedt je deze mogelijkheid en zoekt ambitieuze, jonge (bijna) dokters en bedrijfskundige high potentials! Meld je uiterlijk woensdag 18 november aan voor deze unieke ervaring!

PhD day committee – volunteers welcome

The ProVU is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for the organisation of the 2016 PhD day.

The aim is the complete organisation of a full day of seminars and workshops for PhDs of both VU and VUmc, therefore if you are willing to invest yourself in a big project, this is your opportunity!
What you will be asked to do:

  • Being efficient and coordinated in the committee
  • Contact companies / printers / etc. for sponsoring
  • Speak/write banners and PR material in English (Dutch is a pre)
  • Keep in close contact with the ProVU board regarding finances and your schedule / proposals
  • Help organize your own idea regarding the theme or a specific workshop
  • Build your own advertising campaign

Contact us at to join the team! If you enjoy it, we will be glad to have you joining permanently 😉
See you soon!

Thesis reimbursement – extension

In the last months, there has been some talking about the abolishment of the 500euro reimbursement of the thesis printing costs. The matter was brought to the attention of the Dean by ProVU, and we could get an extension, therefore the abolishment will take place the 1st April instead than in January, moreover in the meanwhile all Faculties should put in place another form of reimbursement, therefore there shouldn’t be any case of costs not covered printing.

Let us remark that is just an extension of the present situation for a couple of months, enough for every single Faculty to comply with the requirement to set up their own reimbursements.

New members welcome!

The ProVU is currently looking for new members!

From our Nota:
“ProVU is an independent, critical and young organization that represents and champions all PhD candidates of the VU University and VU University Medical Center (VUmc). ProVU focuses especially on the role young academics play in the university and what ProVU can mean for these researchers. ProVU is convinced that enabling the success of these young researchers will benefit the whole university. ProVU provides a community of fellow PhD candidates, and aims to build a social infrastructure for all young researchers.”

If you share this goals, consider joining us!

In particular, our Secretary Anna is resigning, and we would need someone to volunteer to pick u her duty, that mainly consist in networking with other organisations, both inside and outside the VU/VUmc complex.

Send us a mail at for questions or applications.

Questionnaire for BIG registered PhD candidates

Dear colleagues,

This is a call for a small questionnaire to all BIG registered PhD candidates:

The BIG re-registration-law, in effect from 1 January 2012, states that everyone with a BIG (MDs, PharmDs, dentists, psychologists, psychotherapists) needs to re-register every 5 years. For nurses, physiotherapists and obstetricians the law was implemented on January 1st, 2009.

Some PhD candidates may be at risk of not fulfilling the re-registration criteria. We have received an inquiry from the Ministry of Education (Ministerie van VWS) and the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), to map the number of PhD candidates at risk of not fulfilling the re-registration criteria.

We would kindly ask you to fill out this short questionnaire (Dutch only), of which the results will be sent anonymously to VWS/NFU.

Please submit your answers before November 12th.

For more info see: the website of the Ministry of Education (Dutch only)

National PhD Day coming up!

The National PhD Day is coming up shortly, it will be held in Delft the 10th November.
This year the title is “Enhance your career!” and will deal with the possibilities and challenges of developing a career after PhD. The program consists of interactive workshops, an information market and inspiring talks by plenary speakers. On top of that, they will be awarding the ‘Best Supervisor of the Year Award’.
Check out their website for more information: and see you there!

VUmc zoekt promovendi voor ontwikkelen competentieprofiel

Beste promovendus,


De 8 UMC’s zijn bezig met het ontwikkelen van een competentieprofiel voor promovendi. Dit zal een tool zijn die elke promovendus kan gebruiken om helder te krijgen wat zijn of haar competenties zijn en welke competenties verdere ontwikkeling behoeven. Het is bruikbaar om dit te weten bij de keuze van trainingen/cursussen/opleidingen in het kader van je promotietraject, maar ook bij een volgende carrièrestap bijvoorbeeld. Het profiel bevindt zich momenteel in de fase van toetsen: wat vinden de promovendi en promotoren ervan? Is het werkbaar? Helpt het je om duidelijk te krijgen waar je goed in bent, of op welk gebied je kunt leren?


VUmc is op zoek naar promovendi die minimaal één jaar geleden zijn gestart met het promotietraject en die ons input willen geven.

In november zal een bijeenkomst van 1 uur worden georganiseerd om het model plenair toe te lichten. Daarnaast kost het natuurlijk tijd om het profiel in te vullen en vragen erover te beantwoorden.


Wil jij helpen? Meld je aan bij Ellen Dijkstra via

Jouw bevindingen zullen meewegen in de keuze om dit model in de toekomst aan te bieden aan alle promovendi.


Alvast bedankt!


Ellen Dijkstra
Secretaris Decanale Zaken

VUmc – dienst bestuurlijke en juridische zaken (BJZ)

Pub Crawl in De Pijp

beer2Friday, November 6th
A new semester began and with it came new PhDs and PostDocs on board. It’s time to integrate the newcomers with the old crew and it’s best to do with a beer in hand 😉 This time we are going to explore the pubs in the multicultural district of De Pijp.
Prepare yourself for the night of beer and geselligkeit!

Time: 8:00 pm
Place: in the middle of Marie Heinekenplein

Look for the orange hat!

 Check out our facebook page!

Seminar “How to publish a world-class paper. Everything you always wanted to know about scientific publishing.”

Date: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 13.00-17.00 pm

Publishing an article can be quite a challenge. Determining your audience,
choosing a journal and dealing with reviewers, editors and publishers are important
skills you need to acquire in your academic career.
The University Library is offering you some help on how to prepare yourself and
how to write a quality scientific manuscript by organizing a seminar on these topics.
During the seminar, a number of experienced scientists and a publisher will share
their insight and experience of the publishing process and respond to the questions
that you may encounter as a beginning author.


Preliminary program*
Opening by the Dean of the Vrije Universiteit, Prof. Dr. Vinod Subramanian
Josje Calff, director UB VU: Introduction

Dr. Andrea Hoogenkamp-O’Brien, publisher EBioMedicine, Elsevier. She will
speak on the publication process as seen from the publisher’s perspective.

Tilo Hartmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor Faculty of Social Sciences VU. Tilo
Hartmann has published in major scientific journals and in several books. He is a
member of the editorial boards of acknowledged journals. His presentation will
focus on the author’s perspective.

Prof. dr. Willem van Mechelen, director of the department of Public and
Occupational health en co-director EMGO+, VUmc. Professor van Mechelen’s
presentation will give an overview of his broad experience with scientific publication
process as an editor, reviewer and as an promotor of Ph.D. students.

Wouter Gerritsma, head of department of Digital Services & Innovation
UBVU. He is an expert on Open Access, publication impact and strategy. His
presentation is titled “Publishing for Impact.”