Since September 2015 the committee on education and research (O&O) of the VUmc’s works council (OR) welcomed three new members. They will represent PhD students of the VUmc in a six weekly meeting with the work council  and members of the board. Their aim is to improve PhD education, regulation and communication. This includes updating and improving the VUmc information for PhD students online, advising on the proposed adjustments in the VU Doctoral Regulations (promotiereglement) and improving the information on available courses offered at the different research institutes of VUmc. The committee is dependent on your input, so please do not hesitate to contact one of the members if you’re signaling any PhD related problems.

Sophie Horrevorts, MD

PhD student Molecular Celbiology and Immunology


Nicole Polman, MD

PhD student Pathology/Gynaecology


Wieke Kremer, MD

PhD student Pathology/Gynaecology