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Mariken van der Velden

Mariken van der Velden (1985) studied Political Science (BA) and the Research Master Social Science - specialized in comparative politics and quantitative research methods - at the University of Amsterdam. As a PhD-candidate for the 'High Risk Politics' project, her objective is to explain why political parties change their policy and risk turning their voters away. The degree to which political actors take such electoral risks varies substantially. Existing explanations are unable to explain this variation and this project aims to contribute to this scholarly debate by using theories from behavioral economics and psychology. As the chair of the PhD Day 2014, my aim is to allow all PhD candidates to broaden their scope within or outside their own discipline!
Yoep Hoekzema
Yoep Hoekzema (1988) graduated with a master degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Groningen. In November 2013 he started a PhD at the VU biophysics of photosynthesis group of prof. dr. Croce. The lab’s interested is the molecular mechanisms behind photosynthesis in both plants and algae. Yoep investigates how nutrient stress affects the molecular machinery for photosynthesis within green algae.
He is motivated to connect & combine, in his work by connecting the dots and, by joining the PhD Day committee he hopes to improve the research connection.
Andrea Signori
Andrea Signori (1987) graduated in 2012 in Pavia University (Italy) and he is now working as a PhD student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and at Nikhef, the National Institute for Subatomic Physics. His work concerns the structure of hadrons, particles (like the proton) whose structure is due to the action of the strong force. He is investigating the behavior of quarks and gluons, the elementary constituents of hadrons, focusing on theory of Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD). Andrea is a theoretical physicist but his research is not only theory-oriented: he share efforts and expertise with people working in experimental collaborations over the world. He knows that good connections are important in academia as well as outside it: that's why he believes the PhD Day will be important in order to improve everybody's network.
Linda van Keimpema
Linda van Keimpema (1987) studied cellular biology (Delft University of Technology) and neurosciences (VU University). Since September 2013 she started her PhD in neuroscience at the centre for neurogenomics and cognitive research (CNCR) at the VU. She studies the molecular mechanisms which are important for cell communication in the brain. Linda has interest to interact with other research fields and scientists, to broaden her own vision and to benefit from each other’s expertise. The PhD day is an excellent opportunity for all participants to share and broaden their scientific knowledge.

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