Board 2015

This is ProVU’s board for 2015.

Anna Emanuel
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Anna Emanuel (1988) received her medical degree from the University of Amsterdam/Academic Medical Center in January 2014. Currently she is working at the internal medicine department of the VU University medical center on a research project that entails the pathophysiology of insulin resistance. With this research she aims to elucidate the role of the microvasculature in the development of insulin resistance and to identify improvement of microvascular function as a potential target for preventive and therapeutic strategies in the ‘diabesity’ pandemic. Anna joined ProVU in October 2014 and will take over the position of chair from Nienke starting January 2015. Her ambition is to make ProVU a platform supporting a large group of PhD-candidates - from all faculties from the VU, as well as PhD-candidates from ACTA and the VUmc - by offering courses, promoting networking at social activities and providing PhD-students with information regarding their PhD-track.
Tanja van der Zweerde
general board member
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TanjaTanja van der Zweerde (1989) graduated in 2014, after a two year research master program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. After working briefly as a psychologist at a mental health care practice, she exchanged the UvA for the VU and started her PhD at the department of Clinical Psychology in December, where she is currently researching treatment options for insomnia. Tanja joined our board in March 2015 and would like to see ProVU become more well known among PhD’s the VU and VUmc, and see PhD candidates from all fields and faculties mingling.
Sebastiaan Roos
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Sebastiaan Roos (1988) earned his medical degree in 2011 at the LUMC in Leiden. Afterwards, he immediately started his PhD at the VUmc / ICIN. His main area of interest is the use of therapeutic ultrasound in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. By using the cavitational force of microbubbles (or ultrasound contrast agents), shear stress and microjets, the thrombus can be destroyed causing revascularization of the culprit artery. Another focus area is the use of exenatide, an anti-diabetic drug, to improve remaining cardiac function after a patient suffered from an acute myocardial infarction.
Sebastiaan became a board member of ProVU as junior treasurer in the first half of 2013. His main focus is to reinforce the relations between VU and VUmc PhDs and to increase PhD participation from PhDs at the VUmc at ProVU events.
Tom van den Berg
PR representative
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Tom van den Berg (1986) graduated at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in 2012 in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology. After his graduation he exchanged Groningen for Amsterdam and started his PhD in biophysics as a part of the Biosolarcells program. Goal of his PhD is to optimize photosynthesis in algae for the production of third generation bio-fuels, to provide clean energy for our future needs.Tom has been part of the i-ProVu team since the start of his PhD and joined the board as PR-representative in January 2013. His main ambition as a board member is to increase the participation of PhDs from faculties that are currently underrepresented in ProVU. He sees the network of PhDs within ProVU as a valuable asset and encourages every PhD to join in. To profit from it in the future, and evenly important, to have fun while doing so!

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