ProVUnd Grant Talk

At the PhD day, the finalists for the ProVUnd Grant will defend their research proposal, to persuade the reviewers to reward them with a grant of more than 1000 euro to support their research.

The Grant

Significance of the ProVUnd. Since the ProVU and i-­‐ProVU organizations have begun, their main goal has always been to represent and help young researchers working at the VU answer questions about their job and to build a solid network inside the world of PhDs and PostDocs at the VU. ProVU and i-­‐ProVU now want to offer the PhDs from the VU University of Amsterdam a unique and important opportunity which can be of significant value for their work and CV: a research grant consisting of more than 1000 euro!!! This grant will be awarded to the PhD student that produces the best grant proposal and best talk at end of this contest.

The aim of the grant is aid in the PhD project itself, either as a travel grant to sustain the costs of a conference, school or visit abroad (e.g. for an international collaboration), but also to purchase any material relevant for reaching the goals of his/her PhD project. Besides the outstanding significance of winning the grant: participating in this event represents a wonderful occasion for both the applicants and the PhD students of the referee-­‐committee to get practice with grant proposals and the reviewing system which represents a great help for anyone of us who want to pursue a career in the research field.

The selection

A reviewers-­‐committee of volunteering PhDs and PostDocs working at the VU Amsterdam will be formed out of the faculties from which grant proposals will be received. The 3 best grant-­‐proposals will have the possibility to give an official talk (15-­‐minutes) at the 2014 PhD-­‐day at the VU Amsterdam. The prize will be then assigned to the best talk. A committee made of Professors representing the departments of the 3 final applicants will choose the winner of the grant.

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